200 Club

The 200 Club is your opportunity to support the Guild and also give yourself the chance of winning a monthly cash prize.

There are only 200 number and there is always a winner drawn (subject to game rules whereby over 120 numbers must be sold). The draw takes place every month with prize moneys of £40, £20 and £10, so the more numbers you have, the more chances there are of winning.

At just £1 per number per month, this is a great way of supporting your club and is open to any players, members or supporters. All monies profits are put straight back to the club and used to maintain the Legacy of the Guild.

On top of this we now consider those with more than 2 numbers a month as a priority for any International tickets ( normal Ticket application rules apply).

Print off and complete the enclosed standing order and return to any member of the committee to ensure you do not miss out.