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Coaches 3 Year Plan and Plan for the Season ahead

By User 1633171

What we should Expect from the 16/17 Season and beyond

I Believe at Trinity Guild we have the Resources, Players and Facilities to succeed in our overall goal to get back to the golden days of Trinity Guild RFC. I believe over the next 3 seasons if we work well as a unit we can be targeting as high as Midlands 3 West. I believe we have the desire here to succeed and the right set up to match the passion of the players.

My 3 Year Goal

I have goals to focus on over specific years.

Year 1
1. Fitness – The overall goal of Year 1 will be developing the fitness of the squad as it was the main reason we couldn’t finish off games last season. We know as a group that we have the ability to succeed in this division and fitness let us down.
2. Squad Depth – A Club with the history like Trinity Guild should be able to consistently field 2 teams. A development squad would really develop the 1st XV and help the club in the future. It allows a younger generation to progress into Adult Rugby without being thrown into the deep end of a competitive 1st XV fixture. It also allows injured players to get back to full fitness. As well as giving available players who don’t make the 1st XV for a league fixture to approve their game, to make it possible for them to push into the 1st XV. This will clearly help our club in progressing up the leagues and is a huge priority for me this Season!!!!!!!
3. Training Consistency – To Develop a strong squad we need training to be consistent. I understand work is a priority, but to me I would only accept Work or a family emergency as an acceptable excuse to miss training especially if you’re a key squad member and someone who is wanting a 1st XV shirt. Training will help develop the skills of players and allow them players who would like to get a 1st XV jersey to put their jersey. It was clear to me from training last week the desire to wear that 1st XV shirt for this club, when a few guys who were struggling in the drills last Tuesday wouldn’t give up and when I asked them why they made it clear how much they wanted their Positions starting Jersey. And that desire really helps the club. Competition for places really helps the squad!!!!!
Overall Goal for Season 1: Top 4 – As a group of players we have discussed that promotion is the Goal for this season and that is fantastic. But myself as a coach would be very happy for a Top 4 finish as a minimum. This season is a developing season. Things will be changing and that can take time to make a big effect. But we all know as a group we are too good for this division and we can get out of it. So Let’s DO THAT!!!!

Year 2

I Guess the goals of Year 2 differ depending on the League we are in. But for me Season 2 depends on Consistency. By the end of Season 1 we would have developed as a group. Season 2 is all about continuing that.

1. Consistency – The Level of performance of the previous season will need to improve on. But we must never let our level of Performance drop from the season before. This is the season we see all the hard work of season 1 take effect. We have worked hard to be the best club and squad we can be. Now we go put it in practise. In Midlands 5 West, we win the League no excuses. If in Midlands 4, we make it clear that we are not there to be whipping boys and go back down. We are there to make a statement. We want to be known as a club that no one wants to visit. Coming to the Guild and leaving with a win should be a hard fought achievement. We are going into this league to prove we should be there.
2. Networking – This Club has the history to support a bigger following. We need to get the club known again. We need to work as a club to develop the club from the bottom. Promoting the club will be beneficial for all areas of the club. The Youth Section can be developed and that only helps the senior section as there will be more players to push through. By end of Season 2 I would like 2 full fixture Squads. At the level we can look to have more coaches in working with the players to develop your ability as 2 separate teams.

Overall Goal for Season 2 – Promotion (Midlands 5) or Sustain (Midland 4) – I believe as a club we can easily be a good team in Midlands 4 now. Let alone after a year of structure and development. So I think a realistic goal for Midlands 4 and season 2 is Mid-table around the 4th, 5th or 6th mark would be a very respectful finish for us.

Season 3

Continued Success- Season 3 is the season for us to progress and focus on looking at achieving promotion out of Midlands 4. By this time, we will have a bigger squad and better networking. So we can put a hard working squad of players who have proved with great passion that winning in the guild shirt means a lot to them.

Pushing Together – We know by this time that we are good enough to be in midlands 4 we have proven that. Now let’s push on!!!! Getting out of this division isn’t an impossible task. We have the players now, so after 2 years of structuring and development we should be winning games in Midlands 4 easily. It is time for us to start pushing up and getting ourselves up to the level of Broadstreet and being a big Coventry club again.

Never Letting our Standards drop – We have worked way too hard to get here to let it slip now!!! So don’t!!!!! we have put pride back into shirts that deserve it. No more will I hear players disappointed for losing a game we know we should have won easily. By this time, we look forward we never look back!!!!!!!!

Overall Goal for Season 3 – Promotion to Midland West 3!!!!!!!!!!

Updated 20:52 - 10 Jul 2016 by User 1633171

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